Enhance your bathing experience in our spa roomTherapeutic spa room for senior residents in Ottawa

Our therapeutic spa and bathing room has been designed in a way to provide our valued residents a secure environment to relax and enjoy a full service bath. Our professional caretakers will treat you to a unique experience in our spa room, a safe haven for hydrotherapy bathing, maximizing the beneficial effects of bathing for your senses, mind and body.

Bathing is more than just hygiene; bathing in our state-of-the-art therapeutic bath is also a great way to relax. For residents with impaired mobility, a bath makes the body feel lighter, and the water’s buoyancy allows the resident greater freedom of movement. You can enhance your bathing experience in a number of ways, creating perfect conditions to induce deep relaxation, stimulate circulation, support good skincare, maintain mobility and apply the finishing aromatic touch with bath oils and fragrances.

Bathing in a nice hot hydrosound bath offers more physical and emotional benefits than one may readily consider. Hot water stimulates nerve reflexes on the spinal cord and subsequently calms and soothes the body. Bath therapies imparts many of the physical benefits of exercise without added strain on the heart and hot water baths increase the heart rate, but do not increase blood pressure.

Please enquire with our nursing professional about these services and the applicable fees.